June Beginnings




Introducing our biggest candle, 600g of pure wax! She’s heavy, she’s stunning and she’s a statement! 😍 have you ever seen a more glorious candle!? She makes a striking first impression and would make a stunning table decor! Fantasia stands at 16cm high and 13cm wide.

Each candle is hand poured by June Beginnings so imperfections may occur.

Please note sunlight WILL discolour candles over time and turn them yellow, this is a natural occurrence with soy wax, never leave your candles where they are getting sunlight or constant artificial light. Vanilla an can also discolour light coloured wax so if choosing a vanilla or other scents with vanillin we recommend a darker coloured candle.

Our candles are designed as a decorative item only, the candle will melt away quite rapidly and messy so if you burn please place on a heat proof surface and never leave unattended. If you choose to burn please follow our care card instructions in your package and FAQS.

Only 1 piece in stock!

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