All Natural Bath Salts


Unwined Natural Bath Salts are a new addition to our up-cycled bottle range. We use the same methods to cut, bevel & sand each discarded bottle into something quite special, giving them a chance to be enjoyed once again. 

Our Team tested many different salts on this journey including Himalayan, Epsom (did you know its not even a salt) & Sea Salt but nothing compared to our All Natural Dead Sea Salt. Our salt is sourced sustainably from Israel, is allergen & additive free & organic compliant.

Essential Oils are blended to the salt to give your skin a renewed state of being well after your bath is over & the addition of high quality dried flowers invites you to truly "Relax & Unwined" 

Every Bath Salt includes a hand sewn cotton bath Tea Bag (if that's a thing) and wooden scoop so you don't have to clean up afterwards. We've thought of everything so you don't have to & its reusable (of course) 

Dead Sea Salt is considered the best bath salt in the world & we couldn't agree more. 

Ingredients: 99% Dead Sea - 1% Essential Oils + Flowers

Our Essential Blends

Relax - Lavender + Citrus / Restore - Eucalyptus + Peppermint


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